Your Outdoor Wedding Checklist for Summer

Written by Hannah Holtom

29th April 2016

Your Outdoor Wedding Checklist for Summer 2016

Whether you have been planning your wedding for years with this summer in mind, or have only recently fixed on a date and are quickly looking to organize everything you’re going to need to make your big day memorable, chances are there’s always something about your outdoor wedding planning going around in your head.

Need a helping hand with your outdoor wedding planning? Our outdoor wedding checklist should see you through. We have faith in you to have sorted out the big things – if you haven’t done so yet then contact us to see how we can help – so here we’re going to look at some practicalities as well as additions to your day that may help you and your guests enjoy it that bit more.

Use this handy guide whether you’re doing your last minute checks to finally put your mind at rest, or are full-on last minute planning everything from scratch.

sea view tent

1.      Planning for the Weather

Planning for the weather doesn’t just mean thinking of rain, and thankfully your chosen marquee provider and event planner would have you covered for all eventualities here anyway. Although you’ll likely have a mobile bar, check that plain old water will be in free and plentiful supply if the heat and humidity is likely to be a factor. If not, you may need to arrange water coolers for use on the day.

2.      Your Marquee Dance Floor

You might need to give some additional thought to the dance floor inside your marquee (we also provide dance floors for indoor weddings and events). If you have opted for a marquee with a wooden raised floor then you don’t necessarily need to opt for a dance floor, as this will be suitable itself. However, using a specialty dance floor can add some extra glitz and glamour to your party. The link above showcases our specialty dance floors; the black & white chequered dance floor and the white twinkle LED Starlight dance floor are both particularly popular.

If your marquee initially only provides standard flooring, then a dance floor will be essential.

3.      Are There any Noise Regulations?

A marquee wedding is a fantastic choice, and is favoured by many because of the flexibility you can enjoy in contrast to indoor venues that will often have very rigid and strict guidelines. Remember, though, that a marquee wedding hosted within an estate may still be subject to some rules and guidelines.

When you arrange your wedding marquee, the company you do it with will usually have experienced this before, and definitely would have if they have hosted a wedding at your venue before. They’ll be able to let you know of any restrictions and regulations you may need to be aware of, but be mindful that you may need to check yourself.

4.      Remaining Budget for an Extra Sparkle?

It may surprise you with all the stories you hear about how expensive a wedding can be, but many couples often find themselves with money left over out of their initial budget.

You have a few options at your disposal, including saving the money or using it as spends for your honeymoon. At weddings we’ve been involved with over the last year, we’ve seen some amazing examples of professional fireworks displays that have taken place both during and at the end of the evening. Many couples tell us their fireworks display was a result of having some left over budget. Fireworks are a great means of capping off an evening and don’t have to cost a lot of money.

The above link showcases a number videos of wedding fireworks by Firework Crazy, who provide self-firing fireworks packages from as little as £395, and professional displays from £595.

If you don’t want to spend so much, you could opt for something simple such as personalized sparklers, less than £100 and a great touch.


Using Your Outdoor Wedding Checklist

If you’ve opted for an outdoor wedding this summer, ensure you don’t leave anything to chance and that every last detail is considered and covered. Your marquee provider or wedding organizer will take care of most things for you and leave you to plan other aspects of your day, but you can use this brief checklist to make sure the day is memorable for both you and for your guests.

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