Our Hire Terms & Conditions

1. Payment Terms

(a) Cleared payment should be received strictly within seven days of invoice unless prior written agreement has been made. Failure to do so may result in the outstanding balance being passed onto a third party. Any further costs incurred will be charged to the hirer.

(b) Quoted prices are based on the ground being suitable to erect equipment on and site being easily reachable by our vehicles to unload. Any repairs that 24 Carrot Promotions is asked by the hirer to make due to stake holes in tarmac or similar will be charged for on top of invoice total.

(c) A surcharge will be made if marquee/stage area is not cleared of all rubbish, broken glass or anything not belonging to 24 Carrot Promotions by the agreed collection time or if there are any obstructions that hinder us in dismantling and removing our equipment from site.

2. Delivery

(a) Where the equipment is hired without our supervision, it is the responsibility of the hirer to keep the equipment safe for the hire period. The hire period is from when we, 24 Carrot Promotions deliver equipment to site and until we return to collect.

(b) We expect to find the equipment in full working order, and in the condition it was received in by the hirer.

(c) It is the hirer’s responsibility to inform us of underground drains and mains cables on site likely to be affected by temporary structure stakes. As part of our risk assessment process, if we have reason to believe there may be buried services on the selected site we require existing drawings or a services survey (Produced by a chartered surveyor or contractor). If these are not available please contact us to arrange for a survey quotation.

(d) Although we take great care to leave site as we find it we take no responsibility for damage caused by stakes or damage to lawns caused by our vehicles during the process of delivering, installing and collecting the hired equipment from site.

(e) If there is nobody available to advise us on the exact site to set up equipment when we arrive, on the agreed delivery day, we will choose the spot we feel is best suited and once erected our contract will have been completed.

(f) Layout of event furniture & table linen is the hirer’s responsibility unless prior agreement with 24 Carrot Promotions has been made.

(g) Generators are delivered full of fuel. Fuel usage is charged for separately, if not returned full. It is the hirer’s responsibility to refuel generators during hire period. It is also the hirer’s responsibility to ensure the generator is securely fenced off from the public.

3. Insurance

(a) Insurance of equipment during the hire period is the responsibility of the hirer. The hirer will make good to 24 Carrot Promotions all loss or damage to the hired equipment (fair wear and tear excepted) unless it can be proved that such loss or damage was caused by faulty materials or workmanship.

(b) The hirer must provide proof of having arranged insurance in their name for the hired equipment at least seven days prior to delivery date of the equipment.

(c) Upon payment of the ‘Damage Waiver Fee’ referred to on the quotation then the above clauses 3a and 3b will not apply. Please note that the hirer will remain responsible for and will indemnify 24 Carrot Promotions against any loss of or damage to all hired equipment resulting from their negligence or legal liability.

(d) Damaged or missing items will be charged for at replacement cost.

(e) The hirer will not be held responsible for storm damage to marquees, as long as hirer ensures marquee has had all sides replaced and fully secured and that all doorways are secured BEFORE storm arrives. Hirer must also alert 24 Carrot Promotions as soon as possible in such cases, an emergency contact number will be supplied for this purpose.

4. Temporary Structure Safety Guidelines

(a) Marquee sides must be fully replaced and secured when not in use.

(b) No one must remove or tamper with any guy ropes, straps, clips, clamps or stakes, or attach awnings or any other structure to marquee/stage cover. Do not allow anyone to climb on structure framework.

(c) Keep all fires, barbecues, and anything hot (including some lighting) out of marquee, and away from PVC panels. Cooking is not allowed in or around any marquee except in designated service areas. A charge for cleaning will be made should any evidence of the aforesaid be found.

(d) Do not stick anything to marquee walls or windows. A charge for cleaning will be made should any evidence of the aforesaid be found.

(e) It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure animals are kept away from all equipment belonging to 24 Carrot Promotions.

(f) Ensure marquees and outdoor stage are vacated during heavy storms; these are only temporary structures.

5. Permanent Installations

(a) Where equipment has been installed as a permanent fixture into a venue or similar, the equipment remains the property of 24 Carrot Promotions until payment of contract has been made in full.

(b) Installed equipment is covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty valid from the date of installation.

(c) After installation is complete any further maintenance work, after completion date, is chargeable at an hourly rate, this includes removal & refitting of faulty or defective equipment returned during the warranty period.

6. Cancellation

Should hirer wish to cancel booking, 24 Carrot Promotions retains all reservation payments, 25% of contract value.

7. Covid-19

(a) Bookings which are directly affected by Covid-19 restrictions can be moved to another date, subject to availability, or downsized without occurring any additional deposit costs. When downsizing a booking we will only charge for the equipment used, not the original cost of booking.

(b) Requests to postpone or to downsize must be received and details agreed at least 2 weeks prior to install date.

8. Terms

(a) We do not accept responsibility for damage to hirers own property that is placed in temporary structures or liability for any incidents relating to the hirer’s own property.

(b) We reserve the right to cancel contract due to adverse weather conditions or if temporary structure erecting site becomes unsafe and puts our employees and/or our property at risk in any way.

If hired without our supervision then any problems arising or faulty equipment must be reported to us immediately, otherwise hirer will be held responsible for any further damages to equipment that occur